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Why use a comparison website for car insurance?

As we all know whilst some of insurance is option, having car insurance is required by law. When you can't avoid having to pay for this insurance, you can make sure you are searching out the best policy at the best price by comparing across a large number of insurers.

What insurance cover should I take out?

There are three types of cover levels and it helps to understand them before starting your quote:

Third party - the minimum requirement by UK law. This would cover for any damage to another person's vehicle if you had a accident but does not cover damage to your own car.

Third party, fire, and theft: the same as third party but your insurance also covers you if your car is damaged by fire or stolen.

Comprehensive cover: this is the highest level of insurance cover you can have for your car n the UK In addition to the other third party and fire and theft cover this will also mean you will be covered for vehicle repairs/replacement and you are also covered if you were to have an accident with someone driving without insurance.

Your car insurance excess

There will be an excess amount outlined by the insurer but also there is a voluntary excess amount. You could lower the overall cost of your insurance policy by adding a higher voluntary excess. As a general rule if an excess payment is quite low then the price of your insurance policy is likely to be high. Increasing the excess could help bring that overall insurance premium down, especially in the case of young drivers and car insurance, and allows you to cover that higher excess amount through a policy such as our excess protection policy.

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