Customer Self-Service -Managing your insurance policies with ease

We understand the needs of today’s customer. We all want to be able to get things done quicker and at a time convenient to us. We don’t want to spend time calling into a company to update our personal details, make changes or get hold of our own information, which is why we created the Trinity Customer Self-Service portal.

We are the only military insurer offering the ability to manage certain areas of your policies which makes even more sense when we look at the lifestyle of military personnel and the need to be able to manage your protection administration from any device, at any time, wherever you are in the world.

Here’s a summary of how you can self-serve with a Trinity policy:

We are continuing to enhance the capabilities of our customer self-service portal to make looking after your insurance policies even easier.

After purchasing a Kit and Home policy or a Personal Accident with Trinity you will automatically get access to our customer portal.  Get in touch if you need help with accessing the portal.