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Trinity’s Customer Service Team

Our experienced team of advisors are available on the following contact details. If you have a new enquiry about your protection whether that’s as serving military personnel, transitioning out of the military, or as an established veteran, we are here to help. If you’re an existing customer and have any policy queries or a question regarding a claim the please contact the team on the details below also.  You can also request a call back via our call back request form or use our live chat.

01243 817777    hello@talktotrinity.com


Royal Navy and Royal Marines: Trinity Representatives

Sarah Randall and Richard King are dedicated to serving the needs of the Royal Navy and Royal Marines. For any one-to-one enquiries or for enquiries regarding briefings to Units please see their contact details below:

Sarah Randell – 07568 427368 – sarah.randell@talktotrinity.com

Richard King – 07525 276971 – rick.king@talktotrinity.com


Army: Genesis Protection Services

Genesis is our ‘on the ground’ partner exclusively serving Army Personnel and Units across the country and overseas. If you have any protection questions and would like a face to face appointment, or if you are looking to organise a briefing for your Unit, please contact Genesis on the following contact details:

07715 209441   info@gpsinfo.org.uk


Royal Air Force: Trinity Representative

For any individual or unit briefing enquiries for the Royal Air Force please contact:

Lynn Bailey – 07880 358576 – lynn.bailey@talktotrinity.com


Training establishments and New recruits: Trinity Representatives

For ITC and Catterick please contact:

Wendy Prosser – 01243 817777 – wendy.prosser@talktotrinity.com

For Sandhurst and RAF Cranwell please contact:

Lynn Bailey – 07880 358576 – lynn.bailey@talktotrinity.com

For CTCRM please contact:

Sarah Randell – 07568 427368 – sarah.randell@talktotrinity.com

Richard King – 07525 276971 – rick.king@talktotrinity.com


Overseas: Trinity Representative

For any enquiries for Cyprus based personnel or briefings please contact:

Tom Forman – 00357 9514 7800 –tom.forman@talktotrinity.com


Marketing/Press Enquiries

For any marketing or press enquiries please email marketing@talktotrinity.com

About Trinity Insurance

Our products are designed specifically for the Armed Forces Community

We operate under the time honoured military values, service, loyalty, integrity and trust

Our 20 years experience in the military insurance industry

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