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Army Insurance: A Comprehensive Guide to Those Serving

In this guide, we'll explore the top insurance products designed to provide peace of mind and financial security for army personnel, their families, and veterans.

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As a military insurer dedicated to serving those who protect our nation, Trinity understands the unique needs and challenges that military personnel face. In this guide, we’ll explore the top insurance products designed to provide peace of mind and financial security for army personnel, their families, and veterans.

Insurance For Army Personnel

1. Army Kit Insurance

Military Kit Insurance provides protection for your issued military equipment, personal belongings, and any home contents or room contents. Whether you are stationed around the world or at home, it includes coverage for personal items, with your bike, cash or credit cards, or even freezer contents able to be covered. Just a few of the things that can be covered include:

  1. Family cover options – if you have children at boarding school or university, their items are covered up to £3K
  2. Licence to occupy as standard – imagine if there was a fire in your room from a phone
  3. Gifts, worth up to £3000, bought for special occasions such as weddings or Christmas are covered for loss or damage

For more information check out our guide here on the 10 things you might not know are included in a military kit, contents and personal possessions policy.

2. Army Personal Accident Insurance

The unpredictable nature of military life involves inherent risks but so does normal day to day life. Military Personal Accident Insurance is designed to provide financial support in the unfortunate event of a fatal accident. It also includes cover for life-changing injuries resulting from an accident both on and off duty, including an accident as a result of sports and leisure activities.

For army personnel in an active field of battle or on leave, army personal accident insurance offers peace of mind for you and your family, ensuring financial support in case of severe injuries or loss of life. While the MOD’s Armed Forces Compensation Scheme (AFCS) already provides cover for illness, injuries (or death) caused by military service, the cover offered may leave you short if an accident was to happen. For comprehensive protection, a military personal accident insurance policy should be considered, with typical benefits including:

  1. Full cover on and off duty
  2. Payouts for total or partial permanent disablement
  3. Loss of a limb, toes and fingers
  4. Loss of eyesight, speech and hearing
  5. Coma cover, vehicle/home adaptions and childcare expenses

For more information on Personal Accident cover for armed forces personnel click here.

3. Army Life Insurance

While many only consider army life insurance to be important if they are drafted to an active theatre of operations or have dependents, military life insurance should be considered by all those serving regardless of their relationship or status. Consider your financial commitments and the legacy you want to leave. Without life insurance, the home you’ve worked hard to provide could become a burden for your family rather than an asset for them.

From ensuring your mortgage and financial commitments are taken care of, to offering peace of mind, army life insurance can be tailored to you. Those in the armed forces can insure themselves on a level-term basis (insuring yourself for a guaranteed sum of money) or on a decreasing basis (to cover a debt such as a repayment mortgage) based on your own personal circumstances and the protection needed.

At Trinity, our cover, through our partner, DIrect Life, includes no change to the cost of your premium, if you are posted to an area of conflict, however the benefits can differ.

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4. Army Travel Insurance

Members of the armed forces often face unique challenges when it comes to planning and enjoying personal holidays, family trips, and vacations with friends. The nature of their job often means that unexpected military duty can arise, which can disrupt their travel plans. However, with army travel insurance, military personnel can relax knowing that they are financially protected for unforeseen military obligations. Through our partner, Columbus Direct, benefit from cover for 150 activities and optional protection for winter sports as well as reimbursement for delays and baggage contents, if lost or damaged.

Click here for more information on Travel Insurance For Army Personnel.

At Trinity, we are committed to serving those who have served us. We provide a range of insurance products designed to address the unique needs of military personnel, their families, and veterans. From protecting your military kit to ensuring your family’s financial security, we’ve got you covered, with 10,000 of your Military colleagues protected already with Trinity. Contact us today for help with all your protection needs.