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Military Injury Claims: What happens if you get shot in the army in 2023?

As a member of PAX, you should be aware of the significant changes on 31st May, 2023. Read our guide to discover what is happening with your personal accident cover?

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Military Injury Claims: What happens if you get shot in the army?
Is Military Injury Compensation Enough?
Do soldiers get paid compensation for injuries?
Military Injury Protection By Trinity

Military Injury Claims: What happens if you get shot in the army?

Selfless service, courage and commitment is rooted in UK military culture. A soldier’s pledge in placing the mission before his or her own needs demonstrates the great sacrifice and commitment those in the armed forces community make for their country every day.

But facing combat, whether in the British Army, Royal Navy, Royal Airforce, Royal Marines exposes military personnel to severe risk of injury or death. One of the hardest moments faced by any armed forces member is being sent back home with injury or disability and having family endure the loss of income and ongoing medical bills. A big fear of returning home injured from service is becoming a burden to your family and society and dealing with the sudden shift of being the provider to now having to be cared for. So what happens if you get shot in the army?

Is Military Injury Compensation Enough?

Whilst the British Armed Forces Compensation Scheme (AFCS) compensates for any injury, illness or death caused by service, military injury compensation claims are often risky and do not provide adequate financial cover for those who experience serious injuries. According to the UK government services and information website, the average pay-out for a successful personal military injury claim [after 5 April 2005] is a tax-free lump sum of between £1,236 and £650,000. The amount depends on the severity of injury. However, army injury claims can take between six to 12 months for compensation, depending on the scale of injury or illness.

Do soldiers get paid compensation for injuries?

But what becomes of you and your loved ones while you wait? How will your family cope financially in the interim after this life-changing event? And what happens if the compensation amount is not what you had hoped for? Having an accident in the line of duty and no longer being able to provide for yourself and your family is a topic most people choose to avoid, but having the conversation about getting the right insurance cover in place is vital.

Here at Trinity Insurance, personal accident insurance offers peace of mind knowing that should you suffer serious injury, such as loss of a limb, you and your family will benefit from a lump sum cash benefit to help you through a difficult time.

We have provided some useful links below to help you in your search for a replacement.

Military Injury Protection By Trinity

Our military personal accident insurance at Trinity is one of the most important forms of protection you will ever get. Military injury does not end on the battlefield; our insurance covers you whether you are on or off duty.It provides high-quality personal accident cover and can be tailored to suit you. Choose from four levels of personal accident cover offering between £50k £160k worth of protection:

  • Our Economy policy[LB1]  (up to £50,000 benefit) is £9.21 per month
  • Our Standard policy (up to £80,000 benefit) is £13.68 per month
  • Our Elite policy (up to £120,000 benefit) is £18.35 per month
  • Our Supreme policy (up to £160,000 benefit) is £23.35 per month

Get a quote to see the benefits that each of the four levels brings.

For added peace of mind should the worst happen, we at Trinity Insurance offer Military Life and Critical Illness Insurance to provide your family financial security and ensure they are not left vulnerable.

This cover for the armed forces community protects you and your family in the event of your death, or if you were to suffer a critical or serious illness. Having life insurance and critical illness cover in place gives peace of mind, covers an outstanding mortgage and other financial commitments; and gives you the opportunity to leave a legacy.