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The Importance Of Licence to Occupy Insurance UK for those in SFA and SLA

If you live in service provided accommodation you are liable for any damage to your SFA or SLA. Discover the importance of Licence to Occupy Insurance here.

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If you are a service person occupying service-provided accommodation (Service Family Accommodation (SFA), surplus SFA and Substitute Single Service Accommodation), you will have signed a Property Acceptance Certificate (PAC). But are you aware of the obligations that the PAC places on you?

By signing the PAC you acknowledged that you have read and understood the terms and conditions laid out in the Licence to Occupy (LTO) for that accommodation. In effect, this means that you will be liable for any damage or dilapidation to the property that was a result of your negligence or that of a family member, visitor or pet.

Do I Need Licence To Occupy Insurance UK?

The MOD strongly recommends that if you live in service family accommodation in the UK, you should take out LTO insurance. This specialist insurance covers your potential liability, in situations where damage is caused to your accommodation by you or your family/pets, up to the required £20,000. LTO insurance also covers occupants of Single Living Accommodation for any barrack damages caused by their own negligence.

License to occupy insurance is, therefore, critical protection that all service personnel residing in MOD-provided accommodation should have. Unlike traditional home insurance, LTO insurance is tailored to address the unique circumstances of military accommodation and brings peace of mind for any unforeseen events.

Why do I Need Licence To Occupy Insurance?

Accidents and damages can occur at any time, as a result of natural disasters, faulty equipment, or human error. We never think these things will happen to us, however, any electrical device in your room or home can catch fire including your phone chargers. As the occupier of MOD accommodation such events may not be covered by standard policies.

Military life with its unique requirements and the specific regulations governing MOD-provided accommodation, means that service personnel need insurance specially tailored to their needs.

LTO insurance is specially designed to cater for the specific needs of the military that would not be adequately addressed by standard home insurance policies. Without such specialist insurance coverage, individuals may find themselves facing significant financial burdens to reimburse the costs of repairs for damage for which they are held responsible, including accidents involving visitors.

How can I get Licence to Occupy Insurance?

At Trinity, we are committed to serving those who have served us. We provide a range of insurance products designed to address the unique needs of military personnel, their families, and veterans. From protecting your military kit to ensuring your family’s financial security, we’ve got you covered, with 10,000 of your Military colleagues protected already with Trinity. Contact us today for help with all your protection needs.