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Why Buy Boat Insurance?

It is a good idea to have boat insurance whatever type of craft you are using, despite it not being a legal requirement for most boats and crafts (Third Party Liability up to £3m is legally required if you are using Inland Waterways). Many boat owners will have invested a lot of money into their hobby and even lower cost crafts will have a higher than expected value when you add up anything additional you have invested into the boat, for example, accessories and electronics.

Make sure your boat is protected from being stolen, damaged, sinking or any other accidents that may happen so you can enjoy your time on the water without any concerns.

Personal Accident

Accidents on the water do happen with some crafts coming with higher risks than others. If you were to get injured whilst out on your boat, jet ski or whilst water skiing, ensure you have the protection in place to protect yourself and the ones that matter most.

Third Party Liability

This is a legal requirement if you own a Narrow boat or Inland Craft and are using the Inland Waterways. It isn’t a legal requirement if you are sailing at sea or in lakes or rivers however it is strongly advised when you consider the dangers especially with many boats and crafts of different sizes enjoying the water at any one time. Have you considered for example what would happen if you were to damage another person’s boat, or if you injured someone whilst out on the water? It is really important to make sure you have adequate boat insurance or you could be faced with some very large legal bills.

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What's Covered?

  • Theft, loss, malicious and accidental damage to your vessel
  • Third Party Liability up to £5m for most boat types (Jet Skis up to £1m)
  • Salvage, towing and reasonable costs incurred to avoid a loss
  • Optional cover for your personal possessions or contents kept on your boat


  • Cover available for waterskiing and wakeboarding
  • Optional cover for winter use and frost damage
  • Personal Accident up to £50,000
  • European cover available
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