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Why Buy Small Business Insurance?

Every business is different and will carry different risks but in all scenarios it’s important to ensure you have the right insurance policy in place to cover you for the unexpected. This could be loss of tools or equipment due to theft, damage caused to a third party property or injury caused to another person through your professional work.

Public Liability Insurance

If you were to cause accidental damage to a property or cause an injury to someone whilst at work, and were found to have been negligent you would be forced to pay for any associated costs, expenses and compensation. With Public Liability insurance incidents like this will be covered.
This is important insurance for any type of business that deals with customers not just the obvious tradespeople roles who are dealing with other people’s property every day. If you have customers visit your home or you visit their home, have you considered what you could be liable for if they had an accident in your home?

Theft and Damage Cover

Have you thought about how you would replace your vital tools or equipment if they were to get damaged, vandalised or stolen? Any professional that uses tools in their work should consider insuring them. This can include builders, carpenters, engineers, flooring contractors, hairdressers and locksmiths. There are different cover levels depending on what you need to cover so you can build out a policy that suits your individual business needs.

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What's Covered?

  • Public Liability up to £5m
  • Employers Liability up to £10m
  • Tools insurance
  • Goods in transit insurance
  • Contract works
  • Own plant and hired-in plant insurance
  • Free accidental death insurance
  • Fixed woodworking machinery insurance
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